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03 October 2009 @ 01:51 pm

I don't know how to explain last night.

It was just highlarious. Literally. Man. SO GOOD. And baked. Lee's Sandwiches was just perrrrrfect for the occasion. I cannot believe I got a taro smoothie too. SoOO goooooood. Now I cannot stomach anything. Just coffee and crushes.

We went to like two movie theaters. And I bet we would of went to another if there was one.

My eyes were so red. Honest.

Too bad meatballs wasn't in 3D and Zombieland was just a waste of money. Yeah. That little miss sunshine punk IS a one trick pony. Hahah. And that's like a big thing... knowing a movie sucks when you're out of it. Really. I asked the lady who worked there "what kind of flavors do you have??" Hahahahah andddd she like resist from laughing when I said "what sizes??" Good going.

But Meatballs cant wait until Monday........................going to be an experience!