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27 July 2009 @ 08:21 pm
Ouch. I was cutting a tomato today in a not so smart manner. I was holding it then did a little fast knife action which hit my left middle finger. Now Hello Kitty is preventing further blood drizzle. Thanks.

When I went hiking today I saw another snake. Luckily I looked down in time or I might have stepped on it. I will not like-IT WAS A LONG ONE!

Earlier today I watched Juno with Ariel. But we wanted to see SUNSHINE. No DVD. Super sad face.

Summer's over. Summer was good. Man I want to get in those wait listed class! Fucking Fullerton.
26 July 2009 @ 08:31 pm
What's going on Livejournal. I keep ignoring you. So so so sorry.

Okay so big news: Saw HYDE or VAMPS yesterday in San Francisco again. This time it was better. So much fun in line seeing the video crew wave to us from down below and take our pictures. And I totally missed when HYDE & KAZ came through the back entrance, where we were, but saw him exit at the end of the show. I was really happy to not be infront of a girl wearing a hat. I was right behind the rail this time against some chick. Oh right below the mic. And right there when he spat water at us. Hahaha. I should get tested for STDs or something. I joke.

I saw HARRY POTTER the other day. Friday the week it came out. I liked it but WTF, they didnt explain the meaning of HALF BLOOD PRINCE. Come on!
08 May 2009 @ 09:27 pm
Next Friday is the last day of Spring semester. Then after that I have two finals: math and history 110b. Oh happy day. But this monday I have my painting critiques. I've yet to finish my ghost-toast painting. All I need is to add some finishing touches aka GLAZE! I want to do that half tomorrow and hopefully re-do my research paper.

By the end of August I will be a sophomore in College. Wow. I remember prom like it was yesterday. Haha.

Anyways the weather this year has been MUCH cooler than when I came last year. Also, I've been such a fatty recently by munching on goodies in my cabinet♥ But I continue to run and I feel great. I stand 65 inches and 51 kilograms. I think I deserve it! I need to get my hand rescanned at the TSU Gym because when I go it always says, "DENIED!" Hahahah. Gosh. I'll probably take more spin classes there next semester even though I've only taken one and that was back in what, October? Wow.

Next weekend is Weenie Roast and I realllyy want to see the YEAH YEAH YEAHS along with other amazing bands. I hope Jocelyn can hold some tickets for me!

So this summer I need a job...
19 December 2008 @ 09:39 pm
College is expensive.

I need an income, soon.

Pplz I are available at minimum wage 8DDD;
04 October 2008 @ 11:19 am
Okay, last night was one of the funniest nights, ever.

So I was sitting down on the edge of my bed and I forgot who but someone came into my bathroom and I say "this room is off limits....!" then turn but fucking slide off and just laid on the floor shit faced. Whoever it was I said "you can't just leave me like this!!!" so they come over and we count to three and I struggle like a rag doll to get on my feet. Ahahahahah. Afterwords I was not feeling to well so I was by the toilet and I mean, I knew I probably puked a little over the bowl and though it was on the rim but when like four people came to check on me I looked over it was on the fucking bath rug and floor. I was like "oh shhhhit!" and Chelsea's ass brought some fucking rice in a glass cup. HAHA!! Oh Lord.

Now I officially HATE the taste of Jose Cuervo. So nasty :<

The floor in the kitchen is all sticky and shit. The maintenance lady knocked on our doors and one the guests there blamed the mess on us (which i've yet to see) but I only heard since I didn't open it.
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14 September 2008 @ 10:21 pm
No more blazing. I need to get a job. That will make be FAIL their testing for sure. Even if I'm loaned a whizzinator... it still bothers me that it won't work. I think I troubled this girl, Stephanie, in my class Tuesday because I couldn't stop talking or sit correctly on the floor. Hahah, that was still too funny. I even burned my nail that day too so I cut them a few days ago.

Yesterday when Chelsea & I were walking to Imperial Plaza we witnessed the most disgusting thing. A man putting his hand down this ladies skirt AND his finger outside. That was so disturbing I couldn't take it anymore so I started to walk faster and we managed to get in front of them.

The bills are piling up.. oh my!
09 September 2008 @ 06:56 pm
Things just happen now. Nothing is really ever planned and the day just unfolds.

I went to the Cheesecake Factory for the first time yesterday with Brittany, Jimmy and Josh. The food was SO over priced I got a bowl of Edamame's and shared Brittany's Baja Tacos. We could only eat one! What a waste of money. My art class was cancelled yesterday so I have more time to finalize my sketches.

You know whats so fucking gross. A shitload of beer cans and such still linger next to our tv. The guys said they got freaking 10$ worth of CRV from Target. And each can is like .05 each! I wonder how much ours is worth.

I thought I was making a bad chose today, blazzing before class when I came home with Mike on the balcony, but you know for some strange reason it really wasn't. I was talking a little more than usually and my first sketch came out pretty nice. All in all I'd say that was a success but not an everyday habbit.

Maybe I'll go to Chain Reaction Wednesday with Jen but there's that retarded math test in the morning. It would suck if what happened during the EPT occured again--a failing mark. Jeezs.
Man, give me some Golden Spoon! :Q
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06 September 2008 @ 11:09 pm
The kids in art class are seriously kicking my ass because their art is that hard! Communications class goes by pretty quick. It was so awesome of Nathan to drop be off Friday and Mike to pick me up. SERIOUSLY. And then there's that retarded math class I am in... half the time no one knows what the hell our vietnamese instructor is spitting out! But somehow we manage.

For the past week we have been going to Golden Spoon and getting frozen yogurt. It's like a religion here. You HAVE to have it weekly.. or in my case, daily. It's just better than ice cream--you don't feel fat and lazy after devouring a 8-14oz of it. Fucking delicious, love it!

Last night and this morning was a success. I mean, you know it is when your threatend to be evicted. There was like over fifty people here and more kept coming until the lady down stairs complained. Man I was gone. I tried ALL the shots that came my way minus the Jager because that stuff looked dead on like cough medicine. People kept forgetting my name and I kept forgetting people's name. Half the time I loitered around or was talking to BW as she sat next to the toilet. When the party was getting rolled I was pinned as the person whose name was on the lease... but thats not true. Good thing the cops here are chill as fuck. "I don't care if you guys are smoking or drinking just keep the base down and keep people off the balcony" THANK GOODNESS cause everyone either had a budlight or a shot in their hands, ahaha. I can't even describe the crazy shit I ran into. I can't. People who spent the night camped out in the living room and like, I locked Tommy out. THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS so until like 5AM when others were leaving he slept in his car. On top of that I had to lend two people pairs of pants because apparently its hard to sleep in jeans! Then France Anthony and Tommy burried in with pillows and blankets because "she wanted a forte" Thanks. Really. :I It was hard to get out of there. Everyone minus BW left by 7AM. Dude it was so fucking hot in our room. Shit.

I NEED to finish my art project when I get back home tomorrow. Hopefully the girlies won't be back untillate tomorrow night so my set up won't be distruptted.
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23 August 2008 @ 09:33 am


Way to be welcomed in by new neighbors. <3

ps. my team won.
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16 August 2008 @ 04:38 pm
I haven't been home in two weeks. I don't know whether to feel bad, lonely, nostalgic, relieved about that because I don't. I don't know if thats a bad or good thing as well. Between the two weeks from then and now I have been trying to adjust myself. If I don't count the weather, things have been going well so far.

Everyday so far has been like an adventure because I go out and don't know if I will ever return home. I blame that on my sense of direction and wonder if I will ever take the wrong bus. The great things about buses here though are the drivers are nice, CSUF students get to ride for free with the swipe of our ID cards (believe it!), and at every bus stop I've sat at so far, people are so friendly I ended up making new acquaintances no matter how big the age gap. That makes me feel like I can do this. I try to get back early because being lost when the sun goes down, which it unfortunately goes down early here, does not seem like a fun idea.

So I come home and wait for the roommates to entertain. Just the other night someone brought Budlight and when my roommate returned from a live taping of America's Best Dance Crew around 12am we talked and watched the Olympics. Her boy friend was here, who looks older than he does, and when I told him he gave a strange look. I don't know if I should have taken it as a good or bad thing. But at least he knows. After awhile some other people came by and we all played King's Cup. The seven of us sat in a circle and picked cards that surrounded a cup. We acted out the suites and if we failed we took a sip of Budlight or if we got a King poured our drink into the center cup, but in my case I took the water bottle. I know it is like "what's the point of playing then?" But it was actually pretty funny because someone told me "Take it easy now!" That honestly was the funniest thing of the morning. Everyone was getting tired because everyone was running on no sleep which was pretty sad. So around three A.M. people started to drop like flies.

Recently I visited the local library and almost got lost on my way. I would not say lost because I was right next to the campus but still, if someone does not make it to their destination would that be considered lost? I think so. Trisha has suggested I read some books. One of them I just finished which was really good. The perks of being a wallflower. It was really good because at times I felt like sobbing, sleeping, and even felt nostalgic like the characters in the book. I don't know if thats normal but whatever.

I took the day off today and decided to just stay inside because I was getting tired of either walking every day or taking my bike down these steps since I live upstairs. It's always a struggle bringing it up and down. Like the times when we try to use this cheap can opener I bought from Biglots. I learned not all can openers are created equally because every time we use the one I bought it's like we're having a fight. A fight I can barely win. As a matter of fact, I almost lost yesterday because I only got the lid half way open. That was such a disappointment to me.

There are also a lot of fast food joints here. Some I have never heard of! Like Chick-Fil-A or Del Taco. Just the other day I went to a high class version of Panda Express, Pick Up Stix and I swear to God, they had the best steamed dumplings I ever tasted! It was just the mixture of the wonton wrapper and pork dipped into soy sauce which just made it taste great. I hope that won't be the last time I ever have that. I was also talking to someone from back home and they suggested what to get and what not to get. But people here tell me other wise so I guess I'll just have to try it for myself.

It seems like everyone I talked to either from here or from home has gotten their things together. I'd like to think I am one of those people. But I sometimes feel like I am not. I hope that those who haven't eventually do because I don't want them to miss out on things. I don't want them to not have this experience of getting older, even though they dont want to.

College starts next week.